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Importance of Marine Power Inverter for The Marine Batteries

Inverters are devices that have the capacity to store electric charge for use in times of distress. What can be more distressful that getting stuck in the middle of the ocean! Most of the modern-day boats and yachts are powered by batteries instead of fossil fuels. Also, with rising popularity of the sustainable sources of energy, we are seeing the use of solar-powered boats.
With batteries on board, it is important that you also have a backup source of energy in case your battery runs out of power. Here’s how a marine inverter can help you with marine batteries.

  • Provide the Necessary Amount of AC Current

The motors on an electric boat run on AC current. Marine batteries store current in the DC form. Therefore, a person needs to have a system in place that can effectively convert all the DC energy into AC. This will help the motors on the boat run efficiently.marine power inverter

  • Keep the Navigation Systems Up and Running

When you are at the sea, a good navigation system is the only thing that keeps you in touch with the rest of the world. In case of the failure of the navigation system, it is nearly impossible to find your way back to the shore safely. Therefore, in case of low power, the inverters will keep the navigation systems up and running. They will also take care of the communication and radio systems so that you can contact a nearby boat or lighthouse for an S.O.S emergency.

  • Optimize the Speed of the Boat for Increased Runtime

Usually, boats and yachts have the ability to cruise at different speeds. However, when you are low on fuel/power, you want to optimize the usage of the available power to reach back to the shore safely. An inverter in such scenarios will control the speed and power output of the boat to increase its range rather than focussing on the speed.

  • Run Luxurious Electrical Equipment

Modern-day yachts are equipped with a plethora of luxurious equipment like TVs, coffee machines, showers, fully functional kitchens, etc. These luxuries put a massive strain on the electricity consumption of the boat. An inverter can help you run all these equipment via stored energy rather than relying on fuel to run it. This way, you do not lose out on propulsion power while having a good time at the sea.optima marine battery

  • Work in Sync with Generators

The inverters can work well in sync with the generators. In case of lack of power, a small amount of fuel in the generator can create enough energy to be stored in an inverter which propels the boat further.

  • Stabilize Recharge Current for the Marine Batteries

Most modern-day marine power inverters come with an inbuilt stabilizer unit. These stabilizers help in managing uneven voltage surges to prevent any possible damage to the marine batteries. Now marine batteries come with advance technology which have long lasting life,you can pick the best marine battery for your boat & yachts on

Installation of marine power inverters on your boat can help you get back to the shore safely on a rainy day. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest a small amount of your budget into a generator and inverter couple for your boat.

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